Enthusiasm for the magic that is called animation

Whenever I would get handed a colouring page as a child, I would flip the paper over and draw my own drawings on the back. I was always busy with creating my own imagination on paper. Any piece of paper I would find wasn’t safe for me and my pencil!

Now, with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in animation, I am able to create for a living! I get to work with the same passion and love I had as a child. This love flows into my animations. I especially like telling stories that bring something extra to the viewer, either a life lesson or some food for thought. 

As a maker I specialise in 2D frame by frame animation. My preferred animation program is TVPaint, because it lets me hand draw my frames with care, precision, and my nostalgic love for drawing. I am very curious to explore more animation programs, that will let me experience my heartfelt enthusiasm for the magic that is called animation.