A Pebble in the Pond (2019)

A Pebble in the Pond is a feature documentary in the Ann Asks series, directed by Paul Howard and presented by Ann Benson. This documentary tells the story of the Assistance League (a major charity in the United States of America), its history and its signature program: Operation School Bell . A Pebble in the Pond premiered at the end of 2019, after which it continued to be screened at festivals and private Assistance League fundraisers in 2020.

This sequence is a clear 2D frame by frame animation, and has been entirely animated in TV Paint, with all the compositing done in After Effects. I have mainly used a pose to pose technique for most movements and transformations.

My role
I got to storyboard and animate an entire sequence, of about 3 minutes long. With this project I had great artistic freedom, and together with Paul, the director, we fine tuned some things and improved the visual storytelling. For this specific sequence, I have executed all the visual work.

Director: Paul Howard
Animation: Anna Blom
Voice over: Karis Campbell
Music: Erick Schroder
Sound design: Nick Grant

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