Flight (2018)

A young girl wakes up confused and not knowing where she is. As she looks around, trying to figure out her whereabouts, she is startled by an enormous bird. And it is here for her.

Flight is a short film made as graduation project for my Masters degree. Everything from the story down is produced by me, with a bit of help from Suzie Lammers, who drew a lot of the line art in the last three shots. The music and sound design was marvelously done by Bryan Segers.

In this project I poured my passion for super clean animation and detailed work. The shading was especially intriguing to animate, since it was done through hatching. All animations were made in TV Paint. All shots are animated pose to pose, except for the feathers floating in the air at the end, which were animated straight ahead.

2018 Brommerbios, Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht, Netherlands
2018 Alle Zielen, Abdij van Berne, Heeswijk-Dinther, Netherlands
2019 Nederlands Film Festival, Kinepolis, Utrecht, Netherlands
2020 Filmhuis Breda, Nieuwe Veste, Breda, Netherlands

Relation between the heron and the girl

Finding the right girl