To Spring (2017)

When the last leafs fall from the trees, the winter in the shape of a fox claims its territory, until the spring fox joins him.

To Spring is a short film made as graduation project for my bachelor degree. Everything down from the story has been produced by me, except for the music and sound design, which were kindly done by René Merkelbach and Gijs Rollé

This project was great to indulge in animal character animation, which is what I like to do best. I really enjoyed telling a delicate story like this too, which can have a deeper meaning if you care to look hard enough. 

This video was entirely animated in TV Paint, with the backgrounds done in Photoshop and the compositing, effects and colour correction done in After Effects.

2017 Official selection for Short Film programme and Student Competition at the Nederlands Film Festival, Utrecht, Netherlands
2018 Alle Zielen, Abdij van Berne, Heeswijk-Dinther, Netherlands

Finding the right foxes