Where Is Anne Frank (2020)

WIAF poster

Where Is Anne Frank is an animated feature film directed by Ari Folman. The film follows the story of Kitty, Anne Frank’s imaginary friend, who wakes up in today’s Amsterdam and goes on a quest to find out what happened to Anne.

My role
On this film I was a freelance clean-up artist and inbetweener, hired by Submarine, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. All of this work was done in Toon Boom Harmony. The interesting thing about this production is that the clean-up was done before the inbetweening. Inbetweening was done both by traditional hand drawn inbetweens and by using the morph function in Toon Boom Harmony.

This film has not been released yet, therefore I can’t publicly showcase my work yet. Please email me to ask for my latest showreel, which includes work on Where Is Anne Frank.

Film poster was taken from the official film page on IMDB.